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Current Situation

(Last updated 25th May 2022)

Currently doing commissions on a case by case situation, and typically not accepting many of them to keep me focused on my work and normal content. Pop me a message answering the questions below and I will consider it, and get back to you if it's possible, or talk a bit more with some compromises I may make to do it!

Details for Commissions

(Last updated 28th March, 2021)

General Details

Payment will be made Up front and Content produced within 1-7 days of finalising all details for the Commission. Things like my Face will not be included within a Videos unless something like a Hood is worn, I simply just don't like my face being in Videos especially considering the personal use of the videos. Photos are an open door regarding what you want, but I will not do anything overly sexual and showing off anything of my goodies (with the exception of Transparent Latex Clothing). I'm not a P***Star and do not wish to be one. A Low quality video will be provided initially for reviewing of the video is up to standards and can changes can be made and a second revision can be done. If you are satisfied with the video you will be provided the full Quality version and the Commission is done. Pictures will be provided in a Lower quality, and heavily watermarked, where changes can be made and a second revision can be done. If you are satisfied with the Photos, you will be provided the full Quality with a non obstructive Watermark



What Outfit do you want me to wear? I highly recommended having an idea for what you want in the first place, and checking out the photos/videos I've already produced on my profile already ( I own a lot ).

What I do? / Script

For Photos: are there particular poses you want me to do?, Holding anything?, etc. or For Videos: is there a specific action you want me to do? Make a bit of a "run down" for what I should do.


Bed? My Common White Wall? Chair? Floor (Covered in Blanket or something)? Etc. Please note this is a little limited due to being private, and rarely get an opportunity to do something more.


The Video will have A small Transparent watermark in the Corner to mark that this was produced by me. Video will be 1080p at 30fps (60FPS for 25% extra for final payment) and rendered to 10,000 KBPS (so better than your average YouTube, Twitch or Netflix Quality)


The Photos will be provided in a 2160 x 1728 resolution (depending on the crop, which ever one of these is the larger will be used for width/height). A Watermark in one of the corners will be used to mark this as my own


Video is intended for you to use and show others AND not to be placed onto Sites (such as YouTube, PornHub and more). As the creator, I still have full rights to do whatever with the video. But cannot Share via a Paid/Subscription service or publicly for at least 6 months after the video is produced.